bir el matar egypt western desert

There are a number of springs in the area, some very hot, such as Bir ar-Ramla but probably the best is Bir al-Ghaba, about 10 miles north east of Bawiti.

There is also Bir al-Mattar, a cold springs which poors into a concrete pool.

Otherwise near the Oasis is the Black and White deserts, though traveling to the White desert seems not practical from the oasis.

bir el matar egypt western desert

The Black Desert

was formed through wind erosion as the nearby volcanic mountains were spewed over the desert floor.

(meaning the northern oasis),in the Libyan Desert, central Egypt, (322 km) south-southwest of Alexandria.

Set in a depression covering over 2000 sq. km,The Oasis was a major agricultural center during the Pharaonic era, and has been famous for its wine as far back as the Middle Kingdom. 

During the fourth century, the absence of Roman rule and violent tribes in the area caused a decline as some of the oasis was reclaimed by the sand.

bir el matar egypt western desert

Bahariya is the nearest oasis to Cairo, surrounded by black hills made up of ferruginous quartzite and dolerite, and famous for its 398 mineral & sulfur springs, some of which have temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees and are famous for their healing effects.

Top sights of Bahariya, including  El Meftella Mountain, Salty LakeDest (Pyramid Mountain) & Maghrafa Mountain, stroll to Bir el Ghaba & el Matar warm springs with opportunity for bathing.

Dive into the history of the Oasis

by visiting the Tomb of Bannantiu “26 Dynasty” with its still vibrantly colored decorations. 
Temple of Alexander The Great; believed that the Greek conqueror passed through Bahariya while returning from the oracle of Ammon at siwa Oasis.

Valley of the Golden Mummies; A huge burial site, where around 250 mummies form the different periods of the Egyptian history were discovered.

English Mountain will take place by sunset. Here, the old English outpost was used by British troops as it showed strategic views of the area.

Black Desert surrounding Bahariya Oasis, where the iron in the desert is one of the reasons for the black rocks.

bir el matar egypt western desert

Gabal el Marsos (Divided Mountain),

and then drive towards the small Bedouin village El Hez with outdoor lunch break.

Making your way to the White Desert 160-km on/off road, you will stop by the 

Crystal Mountain & Agabat el Sharkia, El Santa tree,

go across the sands of the White Desert with its chalky, cream landscape, and the wind carved mushroom-shaped formations that resemble both human and animal faces.

Watch the sunset over the exquisite sands of the desert, dine under the stars and overnight in camps.
Wake up from a peaceful night, breakfast and return all over the road across the White Desert.

Drive to Farafra Oasis,

or the “Land of the Cow” as it was named in Ancient Egyptian times, was up to recently the most remote human settlement in the desert. Short visiting to Old City and the local artist Badr Museum.


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