Fayoum Wadi El Rayan

Fayoum Wadi El Rayan Date of Announcement: 1989 Area: 1759 km2 Type : Developing management resources protected area and a natural national heritage Distance from Cairo:150 km.

Wadi El -Rayan area is characterized by its integrated desert environment, consisting of sand dunes, natural springs, large water bodies and a different botanical life, different wild animals and important and various sea fossils. The area of El-Rayan lake is a calm natural environment and free of pollution. 

Wadi El- Rayan consists of the following important areas:
Waterfall Area: this area was formed due to the gathering of farming drainage waterfalls. It is a place for various sea sports.
The area of Oyoun El-Rayan consists of long dense movable sand dunes. It has four natural sulfuric springs. It is characterized by the existence of plant groups that contain 15 species of desert plants and about 15 types of wild mammals like the white deer, the Egyptian deer, sand fox, red fox and others, and 16 species of reptiles, and over 100 species of resident and migrating birds.

Fayoum Wadi El Rayan
The Area of El -Rayan mountain El -Mashgaeega Mountain: It includes deep canyons known as split rock. It is one of the favorite places to see a panorama of Wadi El Rayan and picnics. 
Wadi Al-Hitan: It is an Area of fossils in the western north of Wadi El Rayan protected Area, it dates back to 40 million years. These fossils of petrified primitive whales skeletons, shark teeth, shells and other sea animals that are considered as an open museum. The roots of Mangroves preserved in soft rocks.
The importance of Wadi El- Rayan is attributed to the fact that it is a natural environment for animals threatened with extinction like white deer, Egyptian deer, sand fox, wolf and rare migrating birds like shahin falcon, deer falcon, free falcon, and other types of migrating birds like some kinds of ducks, quail, some kinds of herons, goats and others. Wild plants like: Aqool , zygoghyllum, Athl Tomarex, Halfa, Ghatdaa, Ghaab, Sammaar , reed ,and others. 

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