Egypt Mountain Gebel

egypt mountain Drive or hike up to the mountains of Dist, Maghrafa and Ghurabi.

  • on Jebel Dist has a remarkable view of palm trees surrounded by dunes.
  • Also Jebel Maghrafa, known as a prehistoric site of dinosaur remains, has a camel breeding farm which welcomes visitors. 
  • Jebel Ghurabi is a great location for a short hike or a picnic.The structural history of the Western Desert is complex.
  • Major rifting characterized the Jurassic through Early Cretaceous time, followed by a passive margin phase that persisted until the Syrian Arc event. Most of the productive fields lie within the Abu Gharadig, Shoushan and Matruh basins.

Recent activity by Apache Egypt has resulted in the southern-most extension of established Cretaceous pay sands from the Gindi Basin southward to the Beni Suef Basin, an interior transitional basin situated between the dominantly marine basins to the northwest and the continental setting to the south (not shown—Beni Suef Basin and Beni Suef Field).

Cretaceous pay zones are almost all located on structural culminations on complex transpressional structures.

Deeper plays focusing on the Jurassic have

successfully exploited so During the Early Cretaceous, a north-south compressive regional stress regime was established in Egypt.

Throughout the remainder of the Cretaceous, episodes of relative regional compression alternated with episodes of extension and foreland basin deposition.

The Aptian represents the onset of this period, dominated by regional marine transgression throughout much of Egypt.

{google_map}Egypt Beni suef{/google_map}

Egypt Mountain Gebel

A trans-tensional system developed where east-trending faults were reactivated as normal faults that later became the main depositional-controlling structures.

North-trending faults formed hard-links with transfer zones that extended offshore to the north (Figure 7).

During this period the majority of Western Desert reservoirs were deposited, including the Kharita and Bahariya sandstones that have proven to yield prolific oil production A


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