Gebel ingleezi English House

The English House–Oasis Relic Of War and Revolution

Gebel ingleezi English House One of the best known attractions to see in Bahariya Oasis would be the Valley of the Golden Mummies, When all of the mummies painted with gilt were found, the tourist image of the oasis definitely changed. Many people visit the area just to go to the museum where they can see some of the golden mummies.

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However, does this mean that is all there is to see in the oasis? Certainly not at all.

In fact, there are many different historical sites that are certainly worth your time if you enjoy learning about various points in history throughout the Egyptian past.

One of these sites is called the English House.


What is it?

The name can be a little confusing since this was not a house at all.

Instead, the stronghold was built during World War II to provide a place to watch against Erwin Rommel.

The occupants of the English House were British and Australian.

Although not that old, only ruins remain of the English House.

That is because it was torn apart by locals in protest of the colonials who were settling in the area.

English House is located high on a hill, and although just a few of the walls and tumbled stones remain, the hilltop offers a breathtaking view of Bahariya Oasis below.

Many travelers choose to take a picnic and hike to the hilltop where they can sit among history and enjoy a beautiful view.

Interestingly, English House has been noted in an award winning novel and film called The English Patient.

A local tour guide has noted that the real English patient traveled through the area and most likely spent time at the hilltop fortress.

Getting There

English House is an easy walk up a hill just on the outskirts of the Bahariya Oasis.

If you are staying in the oasis area so that you may visit the Valley of the Golden Mummies and other important sites in the area, be sure to take a few hours to trek to the top of this hill.

Once you see the amazing view, you will be glad you made the trip.

Don’t expect to see a fortress or a British home, however.

English house is just a nickname given to the old fortress that has long been reduced to rubble and a few stone-backed walls.

Go to the site for the history and enjoy the amazing view that will take your breath away.

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