Egypt western desert Jebel Ghurabi  

Excellent sunsets and views of the oasis are to be had from the top of Jebel El-Ingleezi, ‘English Mountain’ (also known as Jebel Williams after the officer stationed here), where the ruins of a First World War fortress controlled by the British are found.

It’s an easy walk (or jeep ride) to the top.

Jebel Dist, the pyramid mountain 17 km north of town, presents a challenging climb to gain spectacular views of 100,000 palm trees (coming down is tough as the surface is gravely).

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Egypt western desert Jebel Ghurabi  

The area around the mountain and nearby Jebel Maghrafa is famed for the discovery of dinosaur remains in the early part of the 20th century and again in 2001; fossils of all descriptions are found here in abundance.

Also of interest here may be the Naghi family’s camel breeding farm (on the slopes of Jebel Dist, T012-368 2070, enquire at the tourist office or through Ashraf Lotfe, T012-165 3037, who owns nearby Nature Camp, if language difficulties arise) .

in Egypt western desert Jebel Ghurabi  You can see how camels are bred and buy camel wool blankets and products.

Jebel Ghurabi

(30 km north of town, requires 4WD) is a dream location in the midst of beautiful sand-dunes: it’s a good, short excursion that cannot fail to impress.

Drive or hike up to the mountains of Dist, Maghrafa and Ghurabi.

on Jebel Dist

has a remarkable view of palm trees surrounded by dunes.

Also Jebel Maghrafa

, known as a prehistoric site of dinosaur remains, has a camel breeding farm which welcomes visitors.  Jebel Ghurabi is a great location for a short hike or a picnic.

Bahariya is the closest oasis to Cairo in kilometers, but the most distant oasis in time. Bahariya Oasis, part of the highly populated Giza Governorate, has been slow to move into the modern world.
Of course, for the traveler in search of the past this is wonderful.
The depression is 94 kilometers long and 42 kilometers wide and contains 2000 square kilometers.
There are plenty of hills and mountains in Bahariya Depression and they form the dominant feature of the oasis.
Among the dominant mountains are Gebel Hafuf, Gebel al-Ghaba, Mountain of the Forest, Gebel Ghurabi, Mountain of the Crow; Gebel Dist, Mountain of the Pot.
Despite the fact that Bahariya is the highest oasis in elevation, the water makes its way to the surface through natural fissures.
Bahariya also has a number of ancient aqueduct systems.
In the 1920’s and the 1930’s dozens of major fossils were discovered including Simoliophis rochebrunei, the largest and oldest snake known.
Crops are plentiful in Baharaiya.

Orchards contain a variety of tries, including dates, lemon, olive, mango and guava.


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