Gebel Maghrafa  mountain

Gebel Maghrafa mountain While its history goes far back as far as Pharaonic times, this oasis at Bahariyya, consisting of eight villages 360 km southwest of Cairo, was hardly known until the end of the 20th Century.

The main attractions were the temple built for Alexander the Great during his lifetime, the 400 hot and cold mineral and sulphur springs, and the peaceful pastoral oasis setting.

Then, in 1996, a sensation was caused by the chance discovery of an archaeological treasure when a donkey fell through the roof of a burial chamber on the border between the twin settlements of El- Bawiti and El-Qasr.
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It was subsequently discovered that this was part of a Ptolemaic-Roman necropolis, in which thousands of intricately, Anabolic Steroids and Hair Loss: Is one month okay? — Donovan Hair Clinic legal steroids for sale anabolic aliens asian videos individually decorated mummies were stored.

Gebel Maghrafa mountain

While the excavation site is not open to the public, some mummies are exhibited in El-Bawiti.

Other local attractions include the old British fortifications on the Jebel Al-Ingleez, the Jebel Maghrafa, where a gigantic dinosaur skeleton was discovered, and the rock formations of the Black Desert. Last but not least, an overnight stay in a Bedouin tent under the wondrous twinkling night sky is entirely unforgettable.

The Bahareya Oasis

has many hot springs like Ain Bishmu which dates back to Roman times, Bir Al Nebaga which is located in Bawiti, and Bir Matar which is located further to the North. At the Northernmost point of the Bahareya Oasis, there is the small lake of Al Marun that is surrounded by places that have many rare birds for bird watching fans.

Gebel Maghrafa mountain

Nowadays, the Bahareya Oasis hosts more than thirty thousand people who mostly live in the four main towns of the oasis: Bawiti, the capital and center point of the Bahareya Oasis, Al Qaser, the ancient village in the Bahareya Oasis, Mandisha, and Zabw.

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